icmc odr centre

We welcome you to this digital space center designed for the Resolution of Disputes in Nigeria. The Institute’s Continuing Professional Development department is with a mandate to develop best practice, research and promote the resolution of disputes through effective Justice delivering system practice in Nigeria.

The ICMC Online Dispute Resolution is a public facing digital space center/platform in which parties anywhere in the world (with interest in Nigeria) can convene to resolve their disputes.   


It means with the use of just a smart phone, a person living in any part of the world and has concerns, issues or problem with any person, or persons or organization in Nigeria can have such matters attended to without being physically present.

It means the person can have access to effective Justice delivering system by filing such a matter at the ICMC ODR digital center.

The ICMC ODR Center is structured and patterned to resolve disputes even before they become full blown crises. 

The Vision and Mandate is “DO NOT WAIT” till the problem You have with someone or an organization escalates. Once You sense or notice that a problem is developing, You are mandated to quickly file.

The ICMC ODR Center by all means has the assemblage of the most powerful conflict experts in Africa.

The Online Center is a warehouse that accommodates the most dynamic of all conflicts, channeling them through the appropriate dispute resolution doors and assigning same to the appropriate and most proficient dispute resolution experts for faster, cheaper, quicker access to Justice.

Our ODR Doors


This door helps to access and resolve all emerging disputes in their formation stages. It is done remotely through what is termed “Silent Engagement”. It is absolutely confidential. It also involves data gathering.


This door involves very powerful effective communication process. It provides direct expert “Silent Engagement” with the parties. It develops parties’ interest, needs and helps strike an acceptance.


This involves the engagement of a third party Neutral who virtually engages parties remotely and facilitates communication using effective professional skills and patterns to transform the dispute to a consensus.



This process develops multiple options and creates a pathway when mediation stalls.

5. Arbitration & other Dispute Resolution Adjudication Mechanism

It means ultimately the ICMC ODR Platform provides an end to disputes between parties. Through this process, if parties are unable to reach an agreement of their own, then through consensus, a third Professional Neutral or Body can help pronounce a binding resolve that will be acceptable to all.

We are excited to bring access to Justice for all.