Welcome to the ICMC Online Dispute Resolution Centre/Platform

The ICMC Online Dispute Resolution mechanism and platform is professionally designed to help persons from all over the world who have vested interest in Nigeria to file any dispute, concern, or challenge that they may encounter.

Our Proclamation

The vision of this Institute is to permeate the four corners of Nigeria, and beyond; and establish access to effective Justice delivery through faster, cheaper and easier ways of resolving disputes, thereby establishing peaceful co-existence, promoting national cohesion, and an atmosphere where businesses can thrive, conflicts resolved and frustrations/resentment transformed.

The Institute has over eleven thousand (11,000) members of varying backgrounds and different spheres of life as change agents in building and sustaining peaceful coexistence. Every year, members converge in an Annual General Meeting. This quorum is the highest decision-making body of the Institute.


President, ICMC

Online Dispute Resolution

We engage in the creation of a set of dispute resolution processes to help Organizations, Institutions, Nation-State, or Individuals better manage a particular conflict and/or a continuous stream of conflicts

icmc odr centre

We welcome you to this digital space center designed for the Resolution of Disputes in Nigeria. The Institute’s Continuing Professional Development department is with a mandate to develop best practice, research and promote the resolution of disputes through effective Justice delivery system practice in Nigeria. The ICMC Online Dispute Resolution is a public facing digital space center/platform in which parties anywhere in the world (with interest in Nigeria) can convene to resolve their disputes.   


Vice President, Continuing Professional Development 

Our ODR Doors


This door helps to access and resolve all emerging disputes in their formation stages. It is done remotely through what is termed “Silent Engagement”. It is absolutely confidential. It also involves data gathering.


This door involves very powerful effective communication process. It provides direct expert “Silent Engagement” with the parties. It develops parties’ interest, needs and helps strike an acceptance.


This involves the engagement of a third party Neutral who virtually engages parties remotely and facilitates communication using effective professional skills and patterns to transform the dispute to a consensus.


This process develops multiple options and creates a pathway when mediation stalls.

5. Arbitration and other Dispute Resolution Adjudication Mechanism

It means ultimately the ICMC ODR Platform provides an end to disputes between parties. Through this process, if parties are unable to reach an agreement of their own, then through consensus, a third Professional Neutral or Body can help pronounce a binding resolve that will be acceptable to all. We are excited to bring access to Justice for all.

No Hidden Charges! You can also have access to Justice

Have a Concern? File Now!

With the use of your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer,  in the comfort of the home, you can file a matter, concerns, problems and the concerns will receive quicker, faster and cheaper access to Justice and a resolve.
You dont  need to be physically present to have access to Justice or have your problems solved. 

Proactice Process of the ICMC ODR

Our Online Dispute Resolution process uses the “NIB IN THE BUD” concept in the escalation of conflict. It stops a concern from growing into a crisis. It suggests that people do not need to wait for a problem to become a crisis before they can file their issues. Once they sense that a problem is developing, they can quickly file and have the expert help tailor emerging problem into a safe landing.

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The process suggest you do not wait for a problem to be full blown before You
fie. Below are some of the prompts why You must quickly file:

Commercial Dispute

You have paid for goods and it seem your supplier may not meet up your agreed deadline

You are a contractor and You sense a delay in Your payment as agreed.

Your developers seem to be behind schedule.

You want to buy a property and You are not so sure its genuine.

Your loan facility with your bank is becoming unclear or your debtor(s) is not forth coming with your money

The other party seem not to be keeping to the contract.

Family Dispute

You are worried Your spouse may not be keeping to Your marital vows

You sense there is a distance building between You and Your spouse

As a widow, You are not sure of a good relationship with Your inlaws

There are concerns about inheritance in Your family

You feel unhappy in Your relationship

For Student

Are you threatened or harassed?

You have a problem with your career?

You are thinking of quitting school!

Are you having issues with your parents?

Do you have bothering concerns with any lecturer?

Landlord-tenant Dispute

Your tenant will soon be due on rent and You sense He/She may not pay as at when due.

You do not feel comfortable about the way Your landlord increases rent.

You may not be able to pay Your rent when it is due.

Your want Your tenant to vacate the property.

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